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Google has recently announced that they will be rolling out the new integrated Gmail. This is an update to #Gmail that is going to allow you to work on multiple products from the same location.

If you are familiar with Microsoft Teams, then there is a high chance you used something similar to what’s coming. This is however a much more integrated experience that what it is on Microsoft Teams.

Based on the announcement, the release schedule is as follows:

  • If you are on the rapid release schedule, then you will see the change any time within 15 days starting from 12th of August.
  • If you are on the scheduled release, then you will have to wait until 1st September 🙁

So while you wait (or explore if you already got it enabled for you), I have collected a few resources that will help you get around this new thing:

G Suite Admin Help – Set up integrated Gmail for your organization

The above is an article for #GSuite Admins to get them started and orient them on what is required for the new features to be enabled in their domain.

This one is for G Suite end users and it is going to help with how to use the new features:

G Suite Learner Center – Get started with the new integrated Gmail

These are the most important resources for this. Any additional information will be linked through these two articles really.

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