Let’s Learn Terraform in GCP

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Unlock the Power of Infrastructure as Code on GCP with Terraform!

Let’s Learn Terraform in GCP

Learn to use Terraform in GCP by practice, build and deploy your configuration in Google Cloud Platform!

Transform Your Cloud Infrastructure

Welcome to the definitive course on leveraging Terraform within Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to automate, manage, and scale your cloud infrastructure. Whether you’re a DevOps professional, a cloud engineer, or someone looking to harness the power of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) on GCP, then this course is the place for you!

Why Terraform with GCP?

Terraform, an open-source tool created by HashiCorp, enables you to define and provision a cloud infrastructure using a high-level simple to understand declarative configuration language. When combined with the power and flexibility of Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Terraform becomes a great tool and resource to manage your complex GCP environments and deployments..

What will you learn?
  • Understand the structure of Terraform configuration
  • Understand a full Terraform deployment, how it is structured, and how does it work
  • Build your own Terraform configuration and deploy it to GCP
  • Extend your Terraform configuration with modules and optimize for better results

  • Use Google’s provided modules to build optimized configurations that are based on Google’s best practices
  • Be able to work with Google’s Cloud Foundation Fabric framework to build and deploy landing zones in GCP

Enroll now on Udemy for only $19.99!

Get ready to see GCP from a whole new perspective with Terraform!

This course will walk you from the basics of Terraform in GCP. We will discover the steps to download and install Terraform, work with a starter simple deployment, and then expand that to a more scalable, more optimized deployment.

I will cover the most common services and operations in GCP with Terraform such as:

  • How to create projects in GCP using Terraform
  • How to provision VM instances in GCP using Terraform
  • How to provision and configure managed instance groups in GCP using Terraform
  • How to setup Global HTTPS load balancing in GCP using Terraform
  • How to work with Global IP Addresses and managed SSL certificates in GCP using Terraform
  • How to work with VPC and firewall in GCP using Terraform
  • How to work with IAM and service accounts in GCP using Terraform
  • How to provision and manage Cloud SQL instances in GCP using Terraform
  • How to create Cloud Armor policies in GCP using Terraform
How to use Terraform with GCP?

There are many ways you can use Terraform with GCP in your operations…

  • You can use it to deploy new landing zones in GCP very fast and easily
  • Use Terraform to provision and scale simple or complex environments fast and without effort
  • Automate your operations in GCP by integrating with CI/CD pipelines for automated resource deployments
  • Quickly deploy and reset sandbox and testing environments without effort and additional cost

Once we cover the important topics of working with GCP using Terraform, I’ll cover more interesting topics in Terraform such as building modules to extend and reuse our configuration anywhere!

I will close this course by showing you an quick overview and a demo on Google Cloud Foundation Fabric and Fabric FAST, which is a set of Terraform modules and blueprints to manage GCP and create scalable landing zones following Google’s best practices!


Everything we build together in this course will be a reusable take away which you can reuse and customize for any use case and need that you have in your real life and work!

Enroll now on Udemy for only $19.99!

What will you get?

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