Below is a list of very useful, critical and important troubleshooting tools, that myself I consider a MUST have set for every server admin/IT pro or anyone who is trying to troubleshoot a computer problem:

  • WinDirStat: A small and lovely tool to scan and list every single directory/file size on the system, it is useful when you have a problem about disk space being consumed and you don’t know what is eating it!.
  • Mail PassView: A tiny tool that is precious for everyday troubleshooting tasks and work, simply it can show you the configuration and credentials of a configured Outlook profile.
    • Might not work in some cases.
    • WILL give a false alarm as virus or root-kit, but it is not.
  • Drive Migrator: a Chrome extension that allows the migration of Google Drive files between 2 different domains
  • outlook-gmail-rules-export – A small tool that will help you export MS Outlook rules to XML format that is compatible with Gmail