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Google Workspace (G Suite) Admin – The Complete Course

This is the only Google Workspace Admin course you will need!

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Are you looking for a detailed, comprehensive training for G Suite administrators and Admin Console? Whether you are a new comer to G Suite, or you are an existing administrator that looks to know how to work with the Admin Console, this is the only G Suite administrator training course you will need!

If you look around for resources and places that provide G Suite administrator training you will find a lot, but are they enough? Google has their own official G Suite administrator training course, but it is not exactly covering all the aspects of the Admin Console.

G Suite is a great service that offers a lot of flexibility and productivity. And even though G Suite is a cloud service that is simple and easy to you, managing your G Suite domain is going to be a good challenge for you! There are a lot of controls and concepts and management work to be done in G Suite!

This course comes directly from the field, from someone who implemented and managed a lot of G Suite projects that affected users between hundreds to thousands, and dealt with a lot of systems and IT administrators… This experience brought a lot of insights and knowledge about what most new admins struggle with when they meet the new product and get started with it. And also what new people who want to get in the world of G Suite want to know about and ask most about when doing technical kickoff meetings or discovery workshops.

What will you learn?

You will get a lot of details in this course! Some of the takeaways that you will have once you complete the course are:

  1. How to setup a new G Suite domain and admin console.
  2. What are the ways to provision your users to G Suite and be able to decide which best to use.
  3. How to monitor and manage your users passwords and security.
  4. How to implement critical security practices to secure your users’ email.
  5. The general security practices that Google recommends to implement all the time.
  6. Be able to decide how to implement 2-step verification for your organization.
  7. Manage the different settings and options in the various core apps that come with G Suite package.
  8. Introduce new ways for your users to be creative and productive through Google Sites!
  9. Get to know the advanced aspects of G Suite such as Chrome management, APIs, some third-party management tools, and Google Vault!
  10. Get the first step to become certified G Suite Administrator with a quick look on the exam topics and how to register.

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