Out of the list I am interested in, comes DevOps, because to me, DevOps is a great way to share knowledge and making sure that the work environment is healthy all the time…

One of the great podcasts and resources about DevOps is Arrested DevOps (https://www.arresteddevops.com). Go and check the site and start with the podcasts as soon as you can, because you will learn a lot…

I am following on the series, and since I recently started with episode one, I found this great episode and I really enjoyed listening to it: managing your mental stack https://www.arresteddevops.com/managing-your-mental-stack/

It is talking about how do you acquire new knowledge, what are the best resources and the PRACTICAL ways to do that… The great thing about this episode that it is not related only to DevOps… you can take it and apply it to literally everything…

So I encourage you to check this episode even if you are not interested in DevOps or not planning to delve into that realm… that episode is just great for everything that needs learning and catching up all the time.

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