So I’ve got some strange error recently where some users were unable to browse to some Google services such as Calendar or Gmail. They get a strange error message in their Chrome browser that says “ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR” after an generic text that says the page isn’t available.

After some digging, turned out that the error code is related to an experimental feature or protocol in Google Chrome that is called “QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connection)”. The point of this is to make internet browsing a bit faster on Chrome, but sometimes it causes issues like this.


So to fix it, you simply need to disable the feature or thing.. Just follow these instructions:

  1. In Chrome browser address bar, type: chrome://flags
  2. In the flags page, find Experimental QUIC protocol
  3. Click “Disabled” from the options menu on the right side of the protocol row

That’s it, you should now … Read the rest “How to fix the error ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Chrome while browsing Google services”

Problem management is really an important aspect in each service and project management practices… Without proper problem management you will create more problems instead of solving them… And without problem management you can even lose your whole project!

Little intro

I always come across many problems in every project I do. Some of them are caused by my bad judgement of things, others are caused by the customer’s inability to take the right decision at a certain stage of the project. The amount of problem management I am doing is giving me a lot of priceless experience that I’ll never be able to get by money!

The only common thing between all of these problems, is they will all come on me to fix! I have been doing a project recently and the start up was great… However during the middle stages the customer made a mistake that was very … Read the rest “My Problem Management in a Project”

The balance between pre-sales and sales

It is well known the importance of a pre-sales team in a technology and IT services business… Through the pre-sales the solution is generally shaped and the main high-level requirements are set and identified. But at the same time, it is through sales team the projects are opened! The sales cannot do the job of a pre-sales, while the pre-sales has to be with the sales team to be able to do his job. It is an important state of balance in a team… If this balance is disrupted, problems will happen.

When the pre-sales design the solution and the technical team then takes the initiative, they have to be aware of what to do. In some organizations, the team is small to a point where a technical engineer can do pre-sales job. With this situation, it becomes even harder to maintain the state … Read the rest “When the Sales Team Acts as Pre-Sales”


This is quite the opposite of where I want to go with my life and this blog.. But it is a critical necessity that I really have to get done with it. I am now studying for my CCNA certification.. Following it will be CCNP and MCSE Messaging!

It is going to be very busy next weeks/months, but I’m planning to push as hard as I can and get all things done really quick.. Because I still got a PMP thing to do!

So, about the first step, CCNA I’ll share my notes and thoughts about the points and topics that I come across while I study.. I will also share my ideas of labs and setups that I did/will do and what benefits I got out of them.

Hope this end up quick and that I move to the next objective

This is just a technical note to myself actually and anyone who might find it useful…

As I have done the unexpected and now preparing for my CCNA certification (I’ll explain in another post soon), I tend to go with the approach that if I want to learn something, I should teach it to others.. So this post is part of this approach…

In easy steps, if you want to configure new Cisco router form the beginning, you should follow this approach:

  1. Configure router general settings
    1. Hostname, clock, terminal history size, DNS settings (name, IP, domain name)
    2. RSA key generation
    3. SSH settings
    4. services password encryption command
  2. Create enable secret, and create yourself a username
  3. Configure interfaces
  4. Configure whatever routing protocols/static routes you have

And this should be it, nothing complicated if you know your scenario and setup, and most important, you understand the logic the network is going to work … Read the rest “Logical steps to configure Cisco routers”

Before going into this post, I would like to give a brief summary about what I do… I am a Sr. Systems Engineer, I have worked on many products and technologies… In the past 3 years I’ve been working with Google technologies mainly on G Suite (former Google Apps for Work), and it was a great experience I can never thank God for allowing me to be in this place, now this is not the time to talk about what I managed to get/learn from my work… but I’ll do that soon!

In addition to my knowledge, I’ve been writing code since 2 decades and maybe more. Since the days of VB5, I was just a kid in elementary school, I started out by helping my uncle designing interfaces for his freelance work at that time (mid 90s). And I fell in love with coding and programing,… Since that time … Read the rest “I took a challenge I never expected myself to take before!”

Disclaimer: The previous article has for some reason led to an awkward situation for me with someone I know, despite all the similarities and situations in that article, I by no way mean that person or anything about him, it was a recall of an experience I encountered, and I wanted to share it for myself first, and others to whatever possible benefits out of it. So I’m sorry I caused that situation to happen without my intention.

As a second part for previous article, I feel the need to list my own experience with team work and how I think it is great and where I felt I made mistakes and how I should have corrected them.

I’m working in a small team, we are 3 engineers in total, one of us is a network engineer, the other and I are systems engineers. Each one of course

Read the rest “How I Think Teamwork Should Be”

Working in a projects based company in a team is very hard, and to me it is the hardest job a person can ever have. Because it is a team work, you cannot complete a task or a project without the interaction or help form another team member… but sometimes a person can make a great mistake by taking a job in a team without researching on that team, or put an expectation to how that team might evolve with time while he is with that team.

A friend of mine who is working in an IT field, similar to my job is suffering like hell in his role… and it because of himself… HE as a whole is the reason of his issues…

He is the most senior in his team, he can do a lot of things, he is specialized in a special role, but he is talented … Read the rest “Senior team member, or Jack of all trades?”

It is well known that the communications plan is a critical part of any project plan. Failing to communicate between project team and between stakeholders of a project will bring the whole project down.

During my whole experience with projects, I always had to deal with major problems in every project because of lack of communications, or miscommunications. I will like below sample of the many problems I got through and explain how they almost caused the whole project to fail. Also I will attempt to list few points that will help making sure communications are well planned and channels are established and chain of communication is also cleared.

When the project plan is set and agreed on, it means that all involved sides have seen it and approved it. It also means that all sides must abide by its terms, schedules and scope. If any change on any part … Read the rest “Importance of proper communications in a project”

Out of the list I am interested in, comes DevOps, because to me, DevOps is a great way to share knowledge and making sure that the work environment is healthy all the time…

One of the great podcasts and resources about DevOps is Arrested DevOps ( Go and check the site and start with the podcasts as soon as you can, because you will learn a lot…

I am following on the series, and since I recently started with episode one, I found this great episode and I really enjoyed listening to it: managing your mental stack

It is talking about how do you acquire new knowledge, what are the best resources and the PRACTICAL ways to do that… The great thing about this episode that it is not related only to DevOps… you can take it and apply it to literally everything…

So I encourage you … Read the rest “Random info: Arrested DevOps Podcasts (08 Managing your mental stack)”