G Suite video tutorial

Video 2 of the tutorial series for G Suite Password Sync

In the previous video I had an introduction to GSPS (G Suite Password Sync). I spoke about what is this tool and where to download it. I also covered a list of important and critical notes and requirements that you should have and prepare in order to start using GSPS. What we have left is the part where I show you how to setup and configure the tool. Then a quick video for what you need to do in order to troubleshoot and find the logs of this tool.

In this second video of the series I will install, configure, and test the G Suite Password Sync (GSPS) tool. I will cover the 2 types of the authentication methods, and also I’ll demonstrate both methods for you.

Then will do a quick demo for resetting a user password through … Read the rest “G Suite tutorials – G Suite Password Sync (GSPS) 02 Setup, configure, and test”