Day summary

So we ended the previous day with a lot of things done, in fact the day ended while we still had a lot on our list of unfinished work, so we were all eager to start the next day to finish the pending work.

In this day, we had to complete the user sync setup between active directory and Google. Before going into the details about this, I need to explain how we ended up dividing users to groups and the criteria we categorized users on.

Looking at the customer’s total data sizes, it was about 31TB of email messages. Of this 31TB there were 14TB used by about 450 users only. Those users started from 20GB per-mailbox up to 50GB… The remaining 17TB was distributed among the remaining 3000 users.

Because we had very little time, we thought that 45% of data can be done easy enough … Read the rest “A story of a project: 3600 users to G Suite in 60 days! – Day 3: More manual work!”

Hey everyonee,

I just wanted to put this out, that I am working on rebranding the blog to a new title and along it will be new direction… I will restructure the categories and pages to fit the new direction, and I’ll start working on getting more online presence!

My career is shaping more clear now, and I am finally getting close to go into the clear line of project management…

I’ll be working to get a new URL and maybe a new domain completely, the current URL will keep working as normal, I’ll configure redirection to keep the flow coming…