The book

Book title: Dreadnought (Lost Colonies Trilogy Book 2)

Author: B. V. Larson

Book genre: Sci-fi, action, thriller, adventure

Finish date: Sometime back in 2016!

Link to book: Dreadnought (Lost Colonies Trilogy Book 2)

My review


After I finished Battle Cruiser (Lost Colonies Trilogy Book 1) I found myself drawn into the story more, so I immediately started the second book! I immediately got in the mood. The environment was the same.. You could feel some time passed from the previous events, that there are some changes happened to the characters and the ship. The general atmosphere indicated some sort of trust issues between some characters… This led to a general feeling of mystery and distrust… You don’t know who is the bad guy from a bunch of suspicious people, and you keep going forward in the story to get to know the good guys from the bad … Read the rest “Book review: Dreadnought (Lost Colonies Trilogy Book 2)”