in Office 365 you get three types of groups: distribution groups, dynamic distribution groups, and Office 365 groups (unified groups)…

The first two of those are based on Exchange Server and are very straight and easy to use for anyone who is familiar with Exchange Server… However the third type might look something new to them despite being at the same level of ease and straight forward!

When using Exchange Online PowerShell to list the groups, there are three commands to use for this:


Similar to the first two commands, Get-UnifiedGroup works the same way… You will get the group, then check its members attribute or property to get the other member users…

Below is a small script that I made will do the required job for you. Once the process is completed, you will get a file named O365GroupMembers.csv contains four columns!

$output = @()
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I was working recently on a project who required data migration from Office 365 to Gmail. Everything went well and we had no issues at all except for a single problem that occurred because of a sort of strange cause…

One of the users has a very large mailbox size, about 70 GB. He uses sub-folders heavily in his Outlook client. And he is not using any sort of rules! He sorts his email manually. When I saw the data migration completed, the IT contact who is working with me from the customer side reported a strange problem in this particular mailbox. He said the user complained about having some of his folders split into two…

Funny problem!

After some funny troubleshooting process, I found out the more funnier reason for this problem. The user because he create a folder for everything, has some folders include the character ‘/’. … Read the rest “An important item to check before starting data migration to Gmail”

The balance between pre-sales and sales

It is well known the importance of a pre-sales team in a technology and IT services business… Through the pre-sales the solution is generally shaped and the main high-level requirements are set and identified. But at the same time, it is through sales team the projects are opened! The sales cannot do the job of a pre-sales, while the pre-sales has to be with the sales team to be able to do his job. It is an important state of balance in a team… If this balance is disrupted, problems will happen.

When the pre-sales design the solution and the technical team then takes the initiative, they have to be aware of what to do. In some organizations, the team is small to a point where a technical engineer can do pre-sales job. With this situation, it becomes even harder to maintain the state … Read the rest “When the Sales Team Acts as Pre-Sales”

The book

Book title: Star Carrier (Lost Colonies Trilogy Book 3)

Author: B. V. Larson

Book genre: Sci-fi, action, thriller, adventure

Finish date: Sometime back in 2016!

Link to book: Star Carrier (Lost Colonies Trilogy Book 3)

My review


We are still in our solar system and our ships. The story takes off after a while from the last one, but with relevant events. During the events of this part, we re-visit old places from the previous story and see how those places changed.


I don’t see a lot of changes to characters. Few characters disappeared from the majority of the story but they reappear at the end. New group of people is revealed in the end with a major role and twist in everything was happening in the past two books.

Ship mechanics

As usual, ships in the story have limited resources and capabilities. Even with the … Read the rest “Star Carrier (Lost Colonies Trilogy Book 3)”

The book

Book title: Dreadnought (Lost Colonies Trilogy Book 2)

Author: B. V. Larson

Book genre: Sci-fi, action, thriller, adventure

Finish date: Sometime back in 2016!

Link to book: Dreadnought (Lost Colonies Trilogy Book 2)

My review


After I finished Battle Cruiser (Lost Colonies Trilogy Book 1) I found myself drawn into the story more, so I immediately started the second book! I immediately got in the mood. The environment was the same.. You could feel some time passed from the previous events, that there are some changes happened to the characters and the ship. The general atmosphere indicated some sort of trust issues between some characters… This led to a general feeling of mystery and distrust… You don’t know who is the bad guy from a bunch of suspicious people, and you keep going forward in the story to get to know the good guys from the bad … Read the rest “Book review: Dreadnought (Lost Colonies Trilogy Book 2)”

The book

Book title: Battle Cruiser (Lost Colonies Trilogy Book 1)

Author: B. V. Larson

Book genre: Sci-fi, action, thriller, adventure

Finish date: Sometime back in 2016!

Link to book: Battle Cruiser (Lost Colonies Trilogy Book 1)

My review

I am slowly finding myself drowning in the sci-fi stories world! I started to realize this with this book. This book is a great read if you want to have some reality in the middle of sci-fi!

The first moments of the story put me right into the time and place with the characters. I began to imagine their looks, their ships, their buildings, and how the Earth looked like in that age. I enjoyed how each character has his own history and story. And I enjoyed the main character’s disagreements with his family, that added some excitement to each encounter with his parents.

The way the author describes the objects, … Read the rest “Book review: Battle Cruiser (Lost Colonies Trilogy Book 1)”

A little introduction

I have been working on a G Suite migration project for one organization for a while now. In the beginning of the project few months ago I sensed a problem would arise later on. That problem is about a long time co-existence setup.

You would ask why that is a problem? Well, I’ll start with their current communication and collaboration system… They are using Office 365, having integrated it with multiple third-party solutions and applications.  Among these third-party solutions are meeting room manager, and an SSO application.

When building the project plan and during the initial discussions, I made sure to stress that the long time co-existence scenario is a really bad idea. The customer initially wanted to have that long time setup because they have a semi-slow change process, which seemed little problematic at that time… In order to finalize the project plan and start with … Read the rest “How a G Suite coexistence scenario can become a project killer”

The book

Book title: The Martian

Author: Andy Weir

Book genre: Sci-fi, survival

Finish date: Sometime back in 2016!

Link to book: The Martian: A Novel on

My review

I’ve first came to know about this book through the movie… I saw the movie and I liked it a lot! But then read somewhere on the internet that the book is much more enjoyable than the movie, so I went ahead and bought a hard copy of the book from a local book store, and started reading.

I was not disappointed at all… The author did a great job in all of the details in the book.

There were many aspects and points I liked about this book, I will try to list all of them if I can:

  • The beginning of the book puts you really well in the situation Mark Watney is in! It describe his dire
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A little comparison introduction

I’m not giving a straight statement on what a G Suite administrator should have to be able to manage his domain… Instead I will do a comparison then go to the conclusion.

When we work with G Suite products, both on the sales side and the technical side, we tend not to compare G Suite to other competitor products (Aka. Office 365, Microsoft Exchange Server…), the reason is because G Suite is a totally different product with its own idea, features, work-flow, and thinking… So it is not right to compare two different things that has nothing in common other than some functionality. But for the sake of the title of this post, I’ll start it with a comparison.

Microsoft Exchange Server is a great thing.. It made our lives easier with the great features it has (some can argue this, but I’d say it is … Read the rest “What I think a G Suite administrator should have to effectively manage his domain”

Day summary

On the first day of the week, we were met by the head of IT department in the customer site.. Suddenly he made a request that is awesome and bad at the same time.. He wanted to deliver 1500 users to the help-desk by the end of the week… So this was awesome because it means that we can deliver users faster, but it was bad at the same time because it meant that we need to setup more VM instances to be used for the migration work and we need to order more licenses for each user, and they have multiple domains, so it meant we needed to order multiple licenses for each domain to cover the amount of users…

We received the list of the 1500 users and I sorted them out based on the domain… This was a great opportunity also to show the customer … Read the rest “A story of a project: 3600 users to G Suite in 60 days! – Day 6: Going even faster with the migration”