G Suite video tutorial

Video 3 of the tutorial series for G Suite Password Sync

In this third and final video of the series I will talk about troubleshooting topic for G Suite Password Sync.

As known troubleshooting is a critical aspect of anything we have! GSPS offers a lot of resources and information related to troubleshooting. There are a lot of log files that get generated by GSPS, and each log file has its own role and information to show you, the information in these log files are very critical to be able to know if G Suite Password Sync is working properly or not! Because GSPS is a service that runs in the background and you have no interaction with it, it is important that you know how to get the details of what is going on behind the scenes and be able to know what is the problem that is happening … Read the rest “[G Suite tutorials series] G Suite Password Sync (GSPS) 03 Troubleshooting”

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So we were working on a project for a customer who has 6 Exchange servers, 3 CAS and 3 MBX. The customer have an Exchange Server 2013 organization and about 200 users.

Basically it all sounded easy and quick project, however their Exchange Server has other saying on this! After we configured the co-existence scenario on their Exchange Server, we had an issue where their local anti-spam application started to block incoming email messages from Google.

This is a normal behavior of course as those emails might be considered spoofed emails. So we added Google IP address ranges for outbound SMTP. Once we did that and some other settings on their Exchange Servers we were able to get their email traffic going between G Suite and on-premises Exchange Servers.

This was the easy part… However there was something else being cooked for us by the Exchange Server


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G Suite video tutorial

Video 2 of the tutorial series for G Suite Password Sync

In the previous video I had an introduction to GSPS (G Suite Password Sync). I spoke about what is this tool and where to download it. I also covered a list of important and critical notes and requirements that you should have and prepare in order to start using GSPS. What we have left is the part where I show you how to setup and configure the tool. Then a quick video for what you need to do in order to troubleshoot and find the logs of this tool.

In this second video of the series I will install, configure, and test the G Suite Password Sync (GSPS) tool. I will cover the 2 types of the authentication methods, and also I’ll demonstrate both methods for you.

Then will do a quick demo for resetting a user password through … Read the rest “G Suite tutorials – G Suite Password Sync (GSPS) 02 Setup, configure, and test”

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Because G Suite is a cloud service it means it is under constant change and update! I’ve said this in the course and as part of my commitment I’ll work on keeping you up to date with all the changes that happen to G Suite from the moment the course was published!

This is a recap for the changes and updates that happened to G Suite since 1st of February/2018!

I’ll make sure I do one recap every month for the changes that happened in the previous month.. This being the first.

I’ll put some links at the end of this report for this document on Google Docs in case you wanted to share it with your organization or connections. Also I’ll post a link to a document from Google as well that is more business oriented you can share it with your organization as well, plus other resources and … Read the rest “G Suite February/2018 Updates”

google workspace course

Google Workspace (G Suite) Admin – The Complete Course

This is the only Google Workspace Admin course you will need!

Get it on Udemy now!

Are you looking for a detailed, comprehensive training for G Suite administrators and Admin Console? Whether you are a new comer to G Suite, or you are an existing administrator that looks to know how to work with the Admin Console, this is the only G Suite administrator training course you will need!

If you look around for resources and places that provide G Suite administrator training you will find a lot, but are they enough? Google has their own official G Suite administrator training course, but it is not exactly covering all the aspects of the Admin Console.

G Suite is a great service that offers a lot of flexibility and productivity. And even though G Suite is a cloud service that is simple

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G Suite video tutorial

First video of the G Suite Password Sync tutorial series

How do you sync your user passwords from Active Directory to G Suite with G Suite Password Sync?

In this series I talk just about that! This is going to be a multi-video series about G Suite Password Sync or GSPS.

I’ll first start with an introduction on GSPS. There are some important requirements and notes that I feel you need to be aware about before we go into the steps to configure GSPS.

The next video will be for the authorization part. I’ll cover the 2 ways to authorize GSPS starting with the service account method first, then we’ll see the 3-legged method.

I hope you will find the series useful and informative. Please like the video and subscribe. Also put anything you have in the comments section and I’ll be happy to answer anything!

Links mentioned in the

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G Suite video tutorial

This is part of the G Suite Tutorials video series that I just started

This is the first of multi-video series that will cover the tool GAM.

GAM is a great tool that can help you in many great ways managing your Google G Suite domain and admin console.
I’m going to cover the steps required from the download and authorization with the admin console. Then I’ll give you a lot of examples and scenarios for GAM uses.

This is the first video and I will talk about a little introduction to GAM, what is it, where you can download it, and the support and resources available for it.

Next video will be about the very basics of Windows CMD (CMD 101) which you will need to know about in order to properly use GAM

The topic of showing the usage and scenarios of GAM will be made into multiple … Read the rest “G Suite tutorials series – Tutorial for GAM 01 Introduction”