The book

Book title: Bastion Saturn

Author: C. Chase Harwood

Book genre: Sci-fi, space opera

Finish date: 5 Aug 2017

Link to book: Amazon

My review

What drew my attention to this book was its title! I am literally in love with two planets in this universe: mighty Jupiter, and the crown jewel of our solar system – Saturn. So I closed my eyes and bought the book happily. At the end I was not disappointed at all with the author’s great work!


What I liked about this book in particular was the relatively close time for its story from our time. There was the dystopian society which was controlled by an AI that is not allowing any living human to out-smart it or get out of its control! This is an expected end for our current AI development. And personally I am with the side who wants to limit (or get rid of) its functions to certain tasks and areas. A fully unchecked AI will end up considering every living creature as a threat, thus working on eliminating them.

In the book the solar system appears to be well explored and mapped. Mars was being colonized already, and we were in the process of doing this on Saturn moons. Even in this time we know some of Saturn moons might be a great place for life… It is just at this time we don’t have the tools and capabilities to put life there (or find out if there is life out there).

The way we settled on the moons of Saturn was really inspiring for ideas to be done in real life. I believe that a great amount of research was put before making this great book out to the public.

The free humans have setup their own colonies and eco-system as well as their own government. However they are still very weak and have no means of defending themselves against any sudden attack! This is well done by the author as to show how bad was the situation on the AI-controlled Earth which forced people to flee with nothing but their clothes!

There is a great mix of action, comedy and mystery in all of this. That was a great mix and I really enjoyed it!


The story is mainly about a guy who’s got a really great luck if we can call it! In every situation our guy Caleb was able to pull it to his own favor. The author was able to greatly let me know how Caleb lived his life and I clearly saw the survivalist spirit in him. He would do anything to survive in a way it won’t harm others… He was full of power and ideas and solutions. This type of characters I saw in the Martian in our famous Mark Watney! And I would never get bored from reading about these characters again!

The other group of characters are also different, however the thing I did not exactly like is the nudist type of characters in some of them…

Story line

The events are well connected and there are no instant travel or cut in the main line of events, this is great because it will make you wanting to complete the events and not willing to end your reading session. I found it really hard to stop reading at the end of my reading time and I really wanted to go on!

The time of the story and the history that was explained at some point in the story is really well made as well. Not too long from now. And it is based on today’s technological status and development.

My recommendation

Well, definitely read this book! It is a great story that shows what might be the end of using AI according to some people in this age (including me). Its great mix of action, humor, mystery, and sadness is really making it an enjoyable one!

Disclaimer: The use of Bastion Saturn book cover is only for the sole purpose of identifying the book and illustration. The cover image is owned by its owners and I have no ownership over it

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