Day summary

We have come to the point where we are completely ready to change the MX records for all the domains. The process involved a lot of manual work but we split up the domains and managed to do it in a short amount of time. When we finished we ended up with all domains pointed to G Suite.

Once we completed the MX records change, we moved then to fixing all SPF records. Started with the primary domain there was not a lot to do. We just added the Google part of the SPF record to the existing one and we were all set.

After changing the MX records we found out about some issues in group permissions and other issues about bad forwarding settings between G Suite and Office 365 and managed to fix them all.

We also took a quick look about the progress of the migration and found out that it was going on fast and stable.

I used this opportunity in the day to demonstrate how quick and easy to share documents and collaborate on one. Because I created the MX records table and tracked all changes for every domain using Google Sheets. They customer’s IT team were feeling good about how fast they were able to know the status of each domain in real time while it was being updated.

After we spent some time monitoring the mail flow I left the site and ended the activities of this day.

My notes and lessons learned

Nothing interested happened in this day. It was just the matter of changing the MX records and pointing the domains to G Suite. Because we did a small test the previous day, and made sure we plan our work for this day before we started, things went smooth and had no issues at all.


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