Day summary

After getting the migration going, we moved to the next objective which is to complete the setup of the coexistence scenario between G Suite and Office 365. All what’s left was to setup the MX records and activate the forwarding from G Suite to Office 365.

I started with preparing a table for all the customer’s domains and then put all the required MX records in that table for each domain. And to be honest.. That was the most annoying thing I ever did! Once I completed the table, we agreed to do a change for one domain to test the delivery.

Prior to changing the MX records as we agreed, I had to enable the domain wide forwarding rule which was created earlier on the Admin Console. Then we were able to change the MX records.

I made sure we get all the old MX records documented before doing any change. I also created some testing accounts to be used to monitor the mail flow after the test domain MX records change.

Before leaving the customer site we agreed on what need to be done… The MX records were changed after the work hours. We faced some issues related to missing aliases and wrong primary email addresses… We also got some issues about non-compliant attachments being received on G Suite. Those issues were recorded as most of them related o change management!

My notes and lessons learned

Nothing abnormal happened in that day. In fact it was one of the faster days I had. It is worth mentioning that the customer team were very cooperative and they want to get things done properly…

We were able to control the level of issues and catch any to-be critical problems before they evolve to be critical. This was a relatively easy day and things got done quickly and easy.


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