Day summary

This day is also a weekend, but things went very smooth and quiet in this day compared to the previous…

All I had to do is to run all the other remaining VMs and get the migration going. I also used DMS (Data Migration Services) from G Suite Admin Console to migrate number of IT users (all of IT actually) as we agreed during the migration planning. All work was completed relatively quick… However there was a little change that affected number of users I did not expect!

The customer had about 26 domains or more, they use them all for receiving email, but not all of them are used to send… All the users that were started on CloudMigrator were on a single domain (that’s why I finished quick!), but turned out they will not use that single domain for sending email… They were distributed on multiple domains… This was no issue for the customer, but it was an issue for me because the licensing keys of CloudMigrator are based on domains… And I already started the migration for those users so they license slots are already activated!

So in order to get myself more time to work on solving this, I kept things as they are and I just prepared a list with the users to be changed and sent it to the customer, and now it is their responsibility to keep those users on Office 365 until the migration of their data is complete, then I’ll change their addresses on G Suite to the correct ones, and we are done! except for one little problem where those users will have a gap in the sent items on Gmail once they move to Google… But I thought I can talk to our account manager in CloudMigrator and we can fix this with them. I moved this task to later once the primary data migration is completed, I’ll contact our CloudMigrator account manager.

Our project progress sheet and reports started to get data input, and we started to see the charts, numbers and sites changing and getting filled with data, which was good! We are making ‘progress’!

In my mind I knew this is only going to get more busy and chaotic in the coming few days, but if we keep things without problems and all the activities contained and organized, we can mange all sorts of pressure and overloading… But who knows what’s coming?

My notes and lessons learned

This was really a quiet day, and nothing at all happened in it, well except for the issue of the users’ domain change… Which again makes me think the best way to deal with this situation…

They have 3000+ users to work with, we just started the data migration, and no one is on Google yet, so I made sure that those users who need to be changed, are kept away from Google until they get their situation fixed and their data migrated.

I made sure I document this change… I made a detailed list of their current email addresses, and the correct email addresses as they should have been. I sent it to the customer and they will not work on those users, while I kept a note on each migration machine that is doing migration for those users that a change is needed to happen after the initial data migration is completed. I also prepared all the scripts and commands I need to work on and kept them ready. The only action left is to double-click the one script file to perform the required changes at the end of the data migration…

It is really very helpful that you keep things neat and organized… I made sure I can finish this emerging task quickly before I even start it, because once we get deeper into the project, there will not be any time to waste, and if I did not make sure these changes are documented and well prepared they would have been lost with all the activities and tasks that will be going by then…

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